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 About Us

Driven by the growing demand of the pharmaceutical industry requirements, LeDrew Healthcare emerges as a strategic partner, with a high level of technical and scientific expertise. Currently LeDrew Healthcare develops solutions and activities at both national and international levels, to strategically support various pharmaceutical products including drugs, diagnostics and devices.

  • Our Values:Given the dynamic, competitive, and highly regulated environment of the pharmaceutical industry, we base our activity on fundamental principles, which are internalized and practiced by our team: “Confidentiality, Quality Excellence, Efficiency and Professionalism”


  • Our Vision:Is to build a solid company with a worldwide presence being recognized for its expertise based on the contribution to the success of its pharmaceutical partners, providing them the personalized solution, with innovative approaches that ensures high quality standards.


  • Our Philosophy: Is to put your needs on the top of our concerns. Selecting LeDrew Healthcare as your scientific partner of choice will guarantee you additional values through our integrated solutions platform


 Why LeDrew Healthcare ?

  • Experience: The accumulated experience in various projects, realities, and different types of clients allow us to create an intelligence repository that makes the difference between success and failure.


  • Flexibility: With a team of scientifically capable and dedicated members, LeDrew Healthcare has the distinctive flexibility to respond to sudden changes in the assumptions of the projects or respond to extremely short deadlines.


  • Reduce Your Cost: Carrying out tasks efficiently which are controlled by the local professionals, enables LeDrew Healthcare to respond to very large projects with a strict cost control.


  • Total Task Control: With the introduction of formal and periodic reports, we can control in details the tasks performed and constantly improve the efficiency of every project.


  •  Bridging Know-how Gaps: Reducing your recruitment needs for highly specialized or local head-counts and its costs. We can address your lack of know-how on specific region projects to our professional local team.


  •  More Focused: Our solutions allow you to direct your resources to your most critical processes for your future development, differentiation, and innovation.


  •  Another Opinion: When you have to make hard decisions for critical processes, you can always count on a second opinion given by our experienced consultants and our network of experts.


  •  Our Network: LeDrew Healthcare has its own network of partners and local experts that enables our clients to get integrated support from printing letters for DHPCs to submit ANDA procedures to the authority.